Styled Resolutions

January is here and the unofficial start to the self-help season has started! Each year, we begin to focus on the things we want to change in our lives.  Some might wish to procrastinate less, clean out their closets, or volunteer more; however the resolution most popular seems to always come down to weight loss.  Shedding those unwanted pounds of holiday cookies and tasty beverages is always a positive goal to have, but come January 30th, goals can begin to fade and old habits take back their spots.  As a firm believer in looking good no matter what you are doing and in an effort to help those who might struggle keeping up with their new fitness resolutions, I want to point out how the two correlate hand in hand and can assist you in reaching your end goal!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make, not to mention fashion faux pas, is to throw on your grungiest pair of sweats before you break a sweat!  Forget about the fact that you will not look your best as some of you might be thinking. It’s just a workout. It shouldn’t matter what you look like. FALSE! Study after study has proven a link between your workout attire and the success rate of your fitness goal.  It all comes down to how you perceive yourself when you look in the mirror and in public.  The more attractive you feel in your clothing can inevitably boost your body image; and when you feel good about your body image, it is more likely that you will make the trip to the gym or go the distance and burn an additional 200 calories in your sweat session.

Investing in fashionable fitness attire need not cost a pretty penny.  Try looking in your already favorite stores for their exercise clothing line.  Most companies now, carry quality and stylish gear at affordable prices, especially after the holidays when merchandise is discounted to the max!  Another option is to check out local retail outlets.  With the economy still struggling, outlet stores have gained mass appeal for their generally current goods at reasonable prices.

Stella McCartney for Adidas.

Try on a fitted tank or tee in a print, pattern, or fashion cut to set you apart from the rest of the Hanes t-shirts.  I suggest getting a top with fabric that wicks away moisture from your body to help keep you dry.  These technical or performance fabrics tend to be polyester and/or lycra blends.  The same goes for your pant of choice.  Instead of throwing on cotton leggings, purchase a pair of running tights that won’t show your sweat marks and won’t dig into you either!  Leg and toosh toning shoes have been all the rage this past year. Whether or not toning shoes work is completely your opinion but if you choose to opt into this new trend of “getting a workout” without the appearance of “working out” please choose a style that does not suggest to the entire world that your feet are disfigured and curved up in the front and back.  Brands have come a long way in designing a fashionable tennis shoe that offers the look of a modern sneaker with all of the toning benefits for your legs and rear.

Puma Bounce-S Watch

As always, accessories can take your look to the next level.   I like knowing what time it is as quick as it takes me to look down at my wrist.  As a watch enthusiast, I love the thousands of options out there to go with your workout.  Get one that not only supports the current retro 80’s trend but also monitors your heart rate to keep your exercise on track.  You can even get a watch that is Earth-friendly and is solar powered, eliminating the need for a battery.  When you’re in your favorite yoga position, look down at a mat with an interesting zen pattern on it while everyone else in class has boring mono colored ones.  As fun as accessories can be and as cute as they are, I think for now, I will have to pass on stocking up on the latest Boo Boo Band Aids covered in tiny jewels.  Whatever you choose, be sure to pack all your fitness must haves into a stylish gym bag to take with you on your next workout! Here’s to accomplishing your 2011 resolutions in style!