From Hearts-2-Flowers

Oh, Valentine’s Day…the most complicated holiday of them all.

Some might say that it is the day for telling your significant other how much they mean to you. Or, if you’re a firm believer that every day should be a day to appreciate your partner, then February 14 might just be another holiday to shell out money on chocolates, candies, and flowers galore!

Whichever meaning you choose to embrace, a good outfit will always put you in the mood! And on what other holiday can you wear red and pink hearts from head to toe and not be judged why?

Blame it on, I’m in an early Valentine’s Day mood. Ready to bake cookies, get dressed up, and simply celebrate Cupid, my 2012 Valentine’s wardrobe palette would have to be categorized as Neapolitan! I’m loving the blushing hues of reds, the rich chocolate browns, and the warm and welcoming vanilla whites.

What I love about these colors is that while you will look romantically perfect on February 14th, you will not be subjected to having to store those items away until next year once the date is over. These colors easily move forward into gorgeous spring and summer wardrobes and I’m going to show you how!

So let’s talk about where you’re going…

1. Date night – Your sweetie chooses to treat you to a romantic dinner out at an upscale restaurant (the kind with real tablecloths instead of paper and no peanut shells on the floor) and you don’t want to add another dress to your closet. This year, opt for a lace skirt in a blushing pink or even a deep chocolate! Paired with a nice set of heels and a silk blouse, you will instantly look and feel as special as if you were in a dress (and possibly more comfortable too)! Take this look into spring with a pair of cute sandals, a cotton tee, and a blazer. Work chic? I think so!

Stella McCartney

2. Dateless office party – You might not have a special evening planned or someone to share it with but still dressing the part at the office puts everyone in a better mood (as long as you don’t walk in wearing a sweatshirt that says, “struck by Cupid,” or carrying your dozen roses you received that morning from your boyfriend/husband). If understated is the way you want to go, then you can’t go wrong with a front bow blouse in red. This festive piece will not only put you and co-workers in a cheerful mood but it will also be very office friendly for V-day and beyond! Wear this into spring by untying the bow and switching out the dress pants for a pair of colored denim with some fantastic flats!

3. Casual day – whether you’re spending your Valentine’s Day with friends or a loved one, if you’re taking the more casual route, you can still be a tiny bit festive. If denim never leaves your body then this look just might be for you! Try pairing your denim with a ruffled blouse. While this top needs no frills of hearts and arrows, the ruffles elude a romantic feeling automatically. You can easily pair this with a simple cardigan and if you feel like stepping it up a notch, throw on a pair of spicy heels. This look can easily transfer to spring on its own but in case you want to change it up a tad, switch out your denim pants for a denim skirt! Easy enough, right?

Needless to say, accessories are key to making any look come together! Please don’t forget to throw on some drop earrings, a chunky necklace, or a show stopping bracelet. It always amazes me what the right piece of jewelry can do for any look!

As much as I love the Neapolitan hues we’re seeing this February, I could never write a Valentine’s Day fashion post without getting some bold red in there! So if you’re anything like me, throw on your red lipstick regardless of what you’re wearing! I know that will be the only festive piece I’ll be able to manage this next week in Las Vegas as fashion market and Valentine’s Day collide once again!


Speechless: Stella McCartney – Resort 2012

They’ve done it again. My favorite designers who create such a breath-taking array of runway looks that leave me speechless (and always in a good way)…go ahead, try not to become obsessed.

I feel as though, Stella and I could be great friends if we ever met in person.  She never lets me down with each collection and every piece is refreshing, yet practical.  While I look forward to the outlandish creations from designers such as Sarah Burton, it’s nice to see a collection that you would (and could) actually wear out and about on the street! I love every piece from this collection from the bow shoes (which I can’t wait to have in my closet) to the herringbone pants and Hawaiian shirts. I once again, bow down to Stella~

Love these shoes!