Winter Blues to Resort Hues

It happens every year.  The skies turn grey, the air becomes stiff and frigid, and the ground is covered with a not-so-favorable friend of mine, ice and snow.  It is at this time each year, I find myself (after immediately changing into warm, comfortable clothes as soon as I walk through the door) heating up my tea kettle, cozying up with a blanket, sitting down with a magazine, day dreaming about when I will wear my summer dresses and sandals again, inevitably thinking about warmer climates.

Most of my friends and family have had a nice holiday break from work, relaxing with family and traveling to different states for friendly gatherings.  I on the other hand have not been so fortunate.  Since the world of retail fails to rest, neither do its’ workers.  I have always thought that retail professionals should be allowed their very own “holiday” sometime in June when we can close down and escape for a week without the world minding; however, until that dream becomes a reality, we retailers will have to settle on fantasizing about vacations during these few bitter months. 

This year, I’d like to imagine myself in the South of France, possibly in Nice or Montpellier where the weather is warm, the attractions are endless, and the dress is exquisite.  Resort wear this season is all about simplicity and minimalism, two of my favorite concepts in clothing.  As I am a person who believes that black will always be the new black, resort wear season is a tiny window where other colors come out to play.  This season there are three main categories of color to revel with.  You can opt for bright shades of retro inspired hues like green, yellow, and orange; stick with your dark roots of black but stretch out to navy and aubergine shades; or maximize your minimal effort and choose neutrals like cream, cocoa, and my personal favorite, a soft rose.  Each color choice will strike a different personality.  For me, neutrals allow me to show off a well made garment, such as a chiffon, pleated, tea length skirt, not having to hide flaws under a busy pattern while making a statement in other ways such as a bold lip color, stand out accessory, or fabulous wedge.  The look should state ease and luxury while sending out a “James Dean” coolness to the world. Loose fitting, silk shirts, flowy skirts, and wide trouser pants can be found in any color category.  For that bit of structure is where your accessories come into play.

Jill Stuart


Jason Wu

To polish your look, when on vacation, I like practical yet trendy add-ons.  I’ve never been one to break an ankle over a 6 inch heel!  Long hem lines are dominating the runways again so adding a bit of height to your step isn’t a bad idea.  Flats, wedges, and platforms are out in all the right colors and styles.  As for your trusty throw-it-all-in handbag, a woven leather exterior exudes the appeal of luxury without trying.  If you forego on any accessories this season, simply make sure that it isn’t the stunning hat you have been spying in the store windows.  These ultra classic additions bring back the Bridget Bardot glam with style, ease, and beauty.  What is a vacation without wearing something you might not normally sport around town?  Take along your fun addition and wear it with confidence.


Erin Fetherston Straw Hat


I find that putting together these tiny excursions, whether it be in the United States, abroad, or simply in your mind, helps to pass the winter blues that January and February seem to bring. So wherever you travel, in delusion or reality, as always, do it in style.