Derek Lam for Ebay


Designer, Derek Lam


It’s here! It’s here! The time has finally come when designer, Derek Lam, releases his fashion collection for popular online shopping destination, Ebay.

I always love it when designers collaborate with retailers such as Target, Kohls, etc. to bring their fabulous lines to people, like me, who can’t afford to spend a few thousand dollars on a dress for the season.  We’ve seen designers from Proenza Schouler, Zac Posen, Rodarte, and Lauren Conrad all bring their collections to the ready-to-wear sales floor at affordable prices.  Now, not only are collections being brought to the sales floor but also online with Derek Lam’s 5 dress collection!

What makes Derek Lam’s collaboration with Ebay even better is that he involved the people in deciding what items to make available.  After an online voting session over a large lot of looks, the people’s choice for their favorite items, came down to 5 dress styles.  Lam has said that one of his reasons in bringing these looks to such affordable prices on Ebay is because he feels that these pieces are meant to be a part of every woman’s wardrobe.

The collection of five dresses included a black tie evening gown made entirely of cotton poplin, an everyday georgette bohemian, halter maxi dress in a multi colored floral print, a simple sundress in an indigo denim, the always popular shift dress, again in the black cotton poplin, and georgette chemise dress, done in the same multi colored floral print as the maxi dress.   Prices range anywhere from $175.00 to $295.00


Lam, who is a native of San Francisco, graduated from the famous, Parsons School of Design in New York and spent 12 years working for All-American fashion mogul, Michael Kors.  After realizing he wanted his own label, Lam decided to go for it and launch Derek Lam in 2003.  Business hasn’t slowed down from day 1 for Lam and I feel it is because he truly understands what women want from their clothing and he isn’t afraid to get out of his design studio and mingle with the people!  It’s no wonder why in 2007, classic brand, Tod’s, named him creative director for their brand.

Let’s hope that after Derek Lam’s monumental success with teaming up with Ebay, that more great designers will be influenced to do the same.  I know I feel a bit more of a personal connection to the clothing I buy when I know about the designer, where they get there inspiration, and especially if they have asked for my opinion on what I would want out of the merchandise I purchase!


Spring Cleaning

This past week as temperatures outside rose and the sun donned its glorious face for more than an hour, it was nice to see people outside with uplifted moods, smiling faces, and energetic attitudes around me.  It’s a no-brainer that healthy vitamin D from the sun had an effect on these noticeable changes, but I also like to think that just one smile or positive thought can spread like wild fire and be contagious to others.
I found myself outside for most of the weekend taking advantage of being able to do my daily exercise outdoors instead of on the dreaded treadmill, in house.  After a long walk outside, I finished up with some stretches and found myself still filled with extra energy.  So, like any normal person I began to think about what was next on my to-do list.  Should I wash my car? No, it was to rain the next day.  Should I organize that stack of papers awaiting me? Probably, but that simply doesn’t interest me enough.  With the spring daffodils popping up next to me as I’m contemplating my next activity, it came to me.  I would clean out my closet!  It’s time to officially box up those bulky sweaters, store the snow boots, and make way for warmer climate clothing!
Immediately after going in the house, entering my room, and opening my closet doors, I wanted to reconsider.  What did I get myself into?!  Ok, rules to giving your closet a healthy spring-cleaning – take it step-by-step.  As I looked through all of my clothes, I started to realize how many things I haven’t worn this year…or last year for that matter!  Rule #1 – If you haven’t worn an item in over two years, it doesn’t belong in your closet!  Now, there are a few exceptions, but for the most part, you should know if it needs to be retired or not.  Use your good judgement.  Rule #2 – when going through old jeans and pants, it’s worth trying every pair to get a good idea of how they still fit – if they still fit – which leads me to Rule #3 – if you can’t button them, it is time to cut the cord and let ’em go!  Don’t hold onto them thinking that one day you will squeeze back into them.  I’m all for positive thoughts but being honest with yourself comes first.  Besides, when you do get back down to your goal size, you can go out and purchase a new & improved pair!
Next comes the hard part.  Figuring out which items to keep, store, or toss.  So, let’s talk about some key pieces that are “In” and “Out” and which ones you should “Keep” because they are pieces you can wear time and time again.

As for pants, it is time to get rid of the jeggings, whether they be denim colored, faded or not.  Stock instead slouchy, wide-legged pants in a lightweight fabric such as linen.  Go ahead and keep those straight-legged jeans and skinnies.   In terms of coats, the classic trench is back!  If you don’t own one, this is a key piece worth investing in since it will never go out of style and can be worn for multiple seasons.  So, find a well-fitting one and add it to your closet!  Go ahead and get rid of the puffy, transparent, or iridescent coats because they’re out and store that military jacket for fall.  When it comes to bags and shoes, it’s time to welcome structured and crisp handbags made of leather (favorable colors are white, peach, nutmeg, and lavender) and give away the slouchy, overly studded bags.  Be sure to keep the classic mono-colored tote though.  Like the trench, the tote bag will stick around for years to come.  Step into cold colored wedges this season that make for a statement piece.  With the long hem on pants and skirts this season, the added height makes for gorgeous stems.  Spaghetti thin, sky high stilettos are a thing of the past, but be sure to store and keep those neutral and rose colored pumps and sandals. 

As for dresses – everything seems to be in! From mini to maxi to monochromatic and wild prints!  Have fun wearing your favorite dress around day or night!

After a successful re-vamping of your closet, I am sure you will feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready for spring! I know I am!