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Loving life in Finland

Hey, I’m Nichole. I’m 28, an independent, live in Chicago, and gemini, if that tells you anything. Attracted to constant change, I love to live in different places that can offer me a new perspective on life, people, and myself. You know that feeling you get when you know that something is right and meant to be? That’s how I feel about London and Europe in general.  For me, Gertrude Stein said it best when she stated, “America is my country, Paris is my hometown.” Europe offers me a world of culture, immense history, beautiful architecture, and an overflow of inspiring people and ideas everyday.

My passion for fashion started when I would play dress up in my mother’s old lingerie box.  I loved how I could become a different person entirely with the change of a hat.  As a Matter of Style came about when I was living in London and was inspired by the creations in store windows, newspapers, and most of all, the people on the street.  It is supposed to be in a “as a matter of fact” connotation, meaning anyone can have and wear style.  It is about finding what works best for you.  Within my column, I discuss trends and ways to wear them, designers and their inspiration, events and what I see, and merely, ways fashion can fit everyone.  I think that everyday we are each trying to figure out our lives. Why we’re here – what we’re meant to do – and how we can leave our mark behind.  Overall, I feel the two most important factors in living are love & happiness.  Do what makes you smile, no matter who disagrees with you. Make mistakes and learn.

I am captivated with style.  It is something that anyone can wear. It has no size, color, or price tag.  Style is about confidence, creativity, and sharing that knowledge with the world by cultivating a presence that may be elusive but is there for all of us.  Chanel might be the most widely spread name for the fashionable today; however, without Gabrielle’s style, and the style her company has since set forth, her looks would simply be a collection of wonderfully made garments and pretty handbags.

Tid-bits & Facts

I’m flawed. Far from perfect in many ways but I like it that way. I’m stubborn beyond belief.  My biggest pet peeve is narrow minded people who cannot step outside their box and view things from a different perspective.  I love music that moves me and is relateable. Favorites include: John Mayer – Taylor Swift – Paramore – The Beatles – Martin Sexton.  I listen to everything…literally.  I’m all about empowering women to do things they never thought they could. Hello, Diane Keaton!  The musical Spring Awakening has been the best play I have ever seen.  The story line is absolutely brilliant, truthful, and real.  Eco-friendly fashion should be in everyone’s closet. Stella McCartney and Diane Von Furstenberg are designer geniuses. Andy Samberg can always make me laugh. Laughter and intelligence are the ways into my heart.  Looks fade but conversation should always remain.  I am thuroughly addicted to Jane Austen and believe that Pride and Prejudice is the greatest love story of all time.  I feel my best when I am wearing red lipstick and writing.  I’m trying to teach myself French, but finding it more difficult than I ever anticipated, and would love to go back to school to take some courses. Look forward to traveling the world. I am inspired by everything – literally – and would love to hear from you! So, read Asamatterofstyle, “like”, comment, and most importantly…enjoy. Jusqu’à la prochaine fois!


With my fiancé, Vili, in Nashville.



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