I’m Backkkkk!


Hey everyone! Has it really been two and a half years since my last post?! It seems unreal to me that time can pass by so quickly; however, when I started to think about my life and what has happened since my absence from my blog began, it started to make sense how I’ve been so busy as to forget about time itself.

Let’s see…where to begin!

I moved to Chicago full time in the beginning of 2012 to start my job as a sales representative for various clothing lines. Basically, I work with different manufacturers from Europe, Canada, and the United States to sell their clothing collections to stores around the Midwest. I love my job! Not only do I get to work with clothing, fabulous business owners, and make my own schedule…but I am hands on with the trends 6 months in advanced while getting to travel and see interesting places I would miss out on being in a cubicle 9-5. I know it’s only the Midwest, but you guys!…did you know how many seriously cool cities we have outside of Chicago?!


Katherine Barclay S/S 2015

As with any job, there are ups and there are downs. Having filled you in on a few of the “ups”, the downside is that I’m also away from home. A lot. And after so many nights, hotels start to lose their beauty and excitement they held when I was a child. Along with it taking me away from my bed, it has taken my free time as well. I have been focusing on my new venture and losing a sense of my hobbies, most importantly being my love for my blog and my readers!

Not only have I been busy in work but I’ve been busy in love as well! June of 2012, my best friend, Beth, asked me to attend a wedding with her as her date. She had plans of breaking it off with her then boyfriend and wanted a friend to go along with her. Since I love weddings (the dancing, drinks, food, all around happiness…need I say more?!) I decided to tag along with her. It was at the rehearsal dinner, I met Vili, the best man in the wedding and who was also from Finland, (as were half of the groomsman, seeing as the groom was from there as well). We hit it off that night and ended up spending the rest of the wedding together.

Not knowing what would happen (you know…with Vili living in Finland and myself in Chicago), we never let a day go by without talking. Eventually, after 6 months, I booked a trip to Finland for Christmas to see Vili and meet his friends and family. It was a hit! I loved everyone I met and fell in love with not only Vili but his hometown, Rovaniemi.

So, aside from working full time around the Midwest, I’ve been traveling back and forth from Chicago to Finland and am happy to say that after two years, Vili and I are engaged!!! He proposed this summer in Finland, atop a watchtower overlooking all of Rovaniemi with my great-great grandmother’s wedding ring. We are excitedly planning our future together and I can’t believe I have found such a loving man who is willing to move across the world for me!


Vili and I enjoying the midnight sun after he proposed!

Now that I have filled you in on what I’ve been doing the past two and a half years, I’d like to get back to it (my blog that is)!  As everyone changes each year, I am no different and you might detect that in my upcoming posts. While I still live for fashion and love reporting what’s in and what’s out, I have a new found fondness for cooking, decorating, and all things that happen as you get older. I hope that you will enjoy my upcoming musings, whatever they may be, and continue to follow me throughout my upcoming adventures…stylishly of course!