Crimped and Pleated

All the Pretty Birds

I seem to be in a bit of a, let’s say, “crimped” conundrumand since I share bits and pieces of my life in fashion with you all each week,suggesting the latest trends and what to wear, I figure why not share myfashionable problems as well!

Just like about 99.9% of you, I do not have the body of Gisele or Heidi, do not walk the runway, and pretty much always wish I could change things about my body – shape, size, and that individual freckle I wish was just not in that one, you know, annoying spot; but, plain and simple…God made me as I am and I’m just going to have to do best with what I’ve been dealt.

Back to my “crinkled” conundrum – I happen to love the look of pleated skirts.  I find them classically stylish, ultra feminine and just plain gorgeous! But how do I wear one without looking like a wrongly ballooned animal?! While you could never tell on the models because they happen to be skinnier than your average fire pole, taller than most men, and have legs for days, knife-pleatskirts love to show every bump on your from your waist down. No hiding that big lunch you had anymore while wearing one of these it seems! While knife-pleats are obviously creased, the problem(s) seem to show as they flow over your troubled areas when the pleats expand to form your body and unfortunately, I have yet to find a knife-pleatskirt with the magical fiber content to help resolve this issue.

Therefore, if I wish to ever successfully wear this glamorous piece, I must find a fitting solution. As for those of you out there who share my pleated trials and tribulations, I hope this shall be beneficial to you as well.

First things first – must find an appropriate top to pair with said skirt while also coming off as flattering.  Thinking about what tops I love to wear most often helped narrow down my search quite a bit. I’m not very much of a t-shirt gal but instead usually opt for a silky blouse that has a very nice flow to it and is lightweight. For me, I would choose a long-sleeve bold colored blouse or patterned blouse depending on the looks of my pleated skirt (prints vs. no prints). For those of you who might actually be more of a classic tee lady, try matching your classic tee with a classic cardigan; possibly one with some decorative buttons or an unusual fabric.

All the Pretty Birds

Since, my goal would be to take the attention up/down from the skirt so passersby’s wouldn’t wonder how a ballooned animal actually got loose on the street (wearing a pleated skirt none-the-less) I’m going to opt to wear some statement pieced jewelry and an uber femme heel. I happen to be a huge fan of both earrings and necklaces but it’s important to remember to not overdue it on each, especially when each is making a statement of its own! If you choose a pair of dynamite earrings, keep the necklace simple. If you would rather wear the chunky necklace, then it would be wise to wear a simple pair of drop earrings that day. As for your finger jewelry, well, rings are always a goin my book and it seems like no matter what, I can’t give up wearing my favorite rings each day no matter what my look.

Rachel Roy

Heels are an important part of any woman’s wardrobe. They elongate your legs (and for me, this is crucial), make you appear taller (again, crucial), and are a magnificent way of taking your outfit to the next level! Since heels are necessarily comfortable to walk in all day, it’simportant to find just the right pair for your foot. You might be better suited for a wedge heel instead of a stiletto for extra support, need to choose the ½ inchheel height instead of the 5” heel so your poor arches don’t kill you the next day. Whichever heel you choose, just make sure that it is absolutely the right one for you. There are too many fashionable heels in every shape and size to not be able to find one with your name on it.


As I’m not ready to let this fantastic trend pass me by, I’m willing to take on the challenges it will face in wearing it properly. It might take some time, but I am destined to make it work…and without the shoulder pads circa 1980’s!


A Little Print Here & A Lot of Print There!

This spring, prepare to feast your eyes on a whole lot of P-R-I-N-T-S! And you guessed it…everywhere from a little, to a lot of it! Floral, jacquard, Victorian, and even questionable prints that have no theme are expected to be seen.

This is the season to be bold, be fearless, and embrace a daring trend such as head-to-toe prints. My suggestion? If you’re going to go bold, go all the way and sport a one-piece jumpsuit. 70’s jumpsuits and playsuits are back for yet another season and this girl has no complaints!

Louis Vuitton Resort 2012

I love jumpsuits for their comfort, ease of wear, and endless ways to accessorize. Need to give your boyish figure some curve? Add a belt to help create the illusion of a defined waistline. If you’re happy, sad, excited, or just mellow, there is a shoe out there that will fit your mood…and your jumpsuit! I’m in love with wide-legged jumpsuits paired with a cute fashion sandal or wedge. Also, if you feel that you’re too old or don’t have the proper body for a jumpsuit, phooey! First of all, there are numerous different cuts out there so you can find the perfect one for your body. Second, I like to throw on a blazer, jean jacket or simple cardigan over my shoulders if I feel uncomfortable showing off too much skin.

Gaia Repossi

Top-to-bottom printed jumpsuits can easily be pulled off if you opt for a modern cut and remember to keep everything else that is part of your look simple. A printed jumpsuit is a large enough statement already so choose a mono-colored clutch or handbag and simple belt to pair with it. I also love classic and somewhat understated jewelry such as silver or gold hoop earrings and a drop necklace. I keep each of my looks my own by always wearing my daily and unique rings.

Prabal Gurung Resprt 2012

Jason Wu Resort 2012

If all over pattern isn’t for you just yet, minimalists need not fret! Prints aren’t only going to be seen in a big way this spring, but in the little things as well. Case in point (or should I say case in print): printed trim! By sporting printed trim, you still have the option of wearing your favorite piece of statement jewelry or crazy studded heels. I love seeing a brightly colored print trim on dark fabric. The mixture of contrasting colors is eye-popping and in a very good way!

Zara Combined Blouse

Since I’m a huge fan of DIY projects at home, printed trim is easily something anyone could apply, even without a sewing machine (although a sewing machine would make things a bit easier). Go to your favorite fabric store, pick out your most loved eye-catching fabric, and trim away! Trim everything from collars, plackets, wrists, dresses, and even shorts! You can vary the length of printed trim to your pleasing and add any other whistles and bells you’d like!

Equipment "Daddy" Blouse via

With any print you choose, it will be easy to feel as sophisticated as Jackie O and as fun as Mary Quant! Happy trimmings!