Scarf to Skirt

As many of you are aware, I am (and have been since the announcement of the collection) a huge fan of Pendleton’s, The Portland Collection. To catch up on some of my past posts about the line check out: The Portland Collection and Searching for the Positives. Well, say hello to my new purchases – The Canyon De Chelly scarves. Made entirely in the good ole’ US of A of some of the finest wool around.

After trying on this scarf, I loved the way it fit around my neck, how wide it was, and the fact that it is beautifully reversible…and I say beautifully reversible because unlike most other scarves, having the backside show if it’s only printed on one side or even if it’s printed on both, normally doesn’t look as beautiful as these do. Pendleton has always done a wonderful job in this area. If you are familiar with their gorgeous blankets or jackets, then you will know what I am referring to. If not, check out the Pendleton website.

Doing a little experimenting, I tried the scarf on as a wrap skirt and fell in love even harder. Not only is it as easy as pie to wear as a skirt, the colors and pattern are so unique and really stand out against any other skirt on the market. And once again, reversible! TWO skirts for the price of one!

Since I was only playing around with the scarf, and haven’t literally transformed the scarf into a skirt by sewing in a waistband and adding buttons, etc., I simply threw on my belt over top. Surprisingly, it held up great! No falling down, no riding up, and the scarf is so long that I didn’t have to worry about it flapping open and showing more than I would want.

One of my favorite aspects of my new scarf/skirt is the extra drape/flap the end of the scarf does. I think it adds a bit of something extra and I love the contrast from the other side that shows along with the little taste of fringe – not too much.


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