The Annual Conundrum


It’s difficult at times for me to think that already a year has passed since I began sharing with you my style and fashion insights (whether you like it or not)!  We’ve looped back too quickly to another holiday season, and at times I find it hard to remember what has even happened in this past year or what feels like merely a gust of wind that has blown by me; but, nevertheless, I am happy to bring you, again, my “Christmas conundrum” article – full of dressing for holiday occasions tips and suggestions.

The situation:  Another annual work party.

The solution:

While it would be nice if we all received 3-4 weeks off around the holidays to relax and enjoy our surroundings, it is not likely that that will be happening anytime soon unless you are a fortunate entrepreneur or well, happen to win the lottery. Therefore, when the time comes each year for the annual holiday party, it’s important to have something that steps up your look a notch or two, yet remains office appropriate.

You want to appear with elegance and grace? Well, look no further than sequins and lace! As a woman, there is something about slipping into a lace skirt or sequined anything that makes you instantly feel a bit more glamorous than usual.  After wearing suit pants, jackets, and skirts along with the traditional button down oxford to the office every day, lace offers the feeling of romance and delicacy while sequins can add an instant surge of va-va-voom and put a little sparkle in your step, literally!

So, this year, add one or the other (not both) to your office party look! One of the simplest ways is merely wearing a lace or sequin tank over a shell and under your suit jacket; but, if you’re feeling a bit more dare devil and want to try something a tad more bold, opt for a high-waisted lace skirt, maybe tucked into a silk or satin blouse, or a sequined sheath dress to make a statement. Just remember to not go too overboard on a good thing. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and let your feature piece speak for itself. You never know what adding a little sparkle to your outfit can do!

The situation:  The family get-together…across the country.

The solution:

Last year, I let you in on my family get-togethers and all its glory – the games, food, and fashion; however, this year for the first time, I will be spending most of my holiday season doing one of my favorite things…traveling! In just a couple of weeks, I will be in Montreal for work and soon after, jet-setting my way to Seattle to spend Christmas this year with my sister, brother-in-law, and the cutest little 1 year old nephew a girl could ask for!

Therefore, being able to spend copious amounts of time in my closet looking for just the right thing to wear isn’t feasible, and let’s not forget about the importance of comfort (and as always, style) while sitting for hours on a plane only to arrive at your destination, wanting to look refreshed and put together.

Normally, I would say dress in a trendy oversized sweater with your favorite pair of Ponte pants and boots and you’ll be good-to-go; however, this year, since I will be landing and going straight into a meeting, there won’t be any time for a change of wardrobe.

If you’re holiday travel plans are looking anything like mine, might I suggest leaning towards an item in which some viewed as a mere fad and others a cute trend: the jumpsuit. I know, I know…so many jumpsuits are made for summer occasions, but there still are quite a few options out there for stylish jumpsuits that don’t require a 19 year old body. My suggestion would be to choose one with a contrasting top vs. bottom so you are given the appearance of separate pieces with the ease and comfort of one. I also suggest (and always will) belts! If it doesn’t come with one to help define your waist, add one! Again, belts can do wonders for a body so use them! They also can add a bit of extra punch to an ensemble with animal prints, patterns, sequins, lace…the list goes on and on!

Peplum pieces have never looked so good and traveling or not, make the perfect holiday outfit. Whether you’re wearing a peplum inspired blouse, skirt, or dress, it will add a flare to your wardrobe that can only be viewed as fabulous. Different body types should obviously choose different peplum pieces but the options are endless the outcome always stunning.

And last but not least, my favorite additions to holiday outfit are tights and bold jewelry! Glittered, lace, pinstripe, opaque, colored, sheer….etc! Options are endless with tights and they’ve become so popular over the past few years again that it’s not difficult to find numerous styles at a single retailer. Since jewelry is something worn year round, I like to take my jewelry style a notch up at the holidays. Extra bold, extra shine and extra glam! Go online for inspiration, and then hunt your favorite stores or one of my favorite places, antique shops, for your finds! Wearing any of these trends while adding your own style twist will surely put you on the best-dressed list!

Check out my Pinterest boards for more inspiration!


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