It’s OK…

Ahhhh, the holiday season has officially kicked off after a tasty turkey meal! Your pants may be about to burst at the seams and while the sight of one more piece of pumpkin pie might make you want to be sick, remember that we have another good 6 weeks of holiday feasting.  More than just food, the holidays are filled with family, friends, and relatives from all over the world.

Let’s face it – while the Thanksgiving turkeys and soon to be Christmas trees are suppose embrace “the most wonderful time of the year,” it can easily become the most stressful time of the year. With gatherings, get-togethers, gifts to give, and undoubtedly the stress and pressure every family brings (no matter how much you love them), it becomes easy to get caught up in the chaos and demands of life.

Therefore, inspired by Glamour Magazine’s, “It’s OK” pages, I’ve decided to make a post Thanksgiving list of things we needn’t feel bad for.

It’s OK:

  • To use a rubber band as a makeshift pant extender after Thanksgiving meal.
  • To escape to the bathroom to check on the football score.
  • To dress up in heels and your best jewelry, even if only for dinner.
  • To be thankful for the invention of the iPad.
  • To have argued over how much sage to put in the dressing to make it just right.
  • To jump immediately into PJ’s after your guests leave.
  • To be stuffed, yet look forward to leftovers tomorrow for lunch.
  • To skip working out on Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving alone.
  • To have accidentally messed up a recipe, yet tell no one in hopes they won’t notice.
  • To sneak off, only to go online and pick out your Christmas list wants from Rachel Bilson’s new Shoemint collection.
  • To have the urge to want to start wrapping gifts.
  • To eat an extra piece of Grandma’s pie, because really, who makes it better than Grandma?
  • To not have the foggiest idea how to talk to a three year old.
  • To watch Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving again, even after Thanksgiving Day.

We all do things on Thanksgiving  and the days that follow that we might beat ourselves up for, but it’s important to remember that nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes, and it’s OK…

And on that note, I am very thankful for stretchable Ponte pants, oversized sweaters, belted cardigans, bold jewelry, and wedges. Oh yeah, not to mention my good health, good job, and wonderful family! Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend wherever you may be!


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