Cocooned Inspiration


Every year as fall turns into winter, those little caterpillars I’m used to seeing on my outdoor walks start to disappear and I know it is because they have cocooned themselves away until spring, staying warm developing, and growing into an even more beautiful creature.

Designer Tom Ford once said, “Fashion is everything. Art, music, furniture design, graphic design, hair, makeup, architecture, the way cars look – all those things go together to make a moment in time, and that’s what excites me.”

Well, I believe that our favorite designers have taken a bit of inspiration from our cocooned friends this season as the coats have taken on a new shape, perfect for snuggling up in while appearing effortlessly chic, and really…isn’t that the perfect combination?


Let’s call them cocoon coats. They are the shape of the season, great for making an entrance and a minimalist’s best friend. Following fall’s theme of masculinity and power elite shapes, these coats are structured not to frame the body’s shape, but to allow the architecture of the garment to speak for itself, ballooning around the body, yet in a flattering way.

I love these types of coats for numerous reasons. One, because I am a fan of all clothes masculine shaped. Two, the fact that you will stay as warm as can be inside of one, and since we all know I’m not a fan of cold weather, this coat is ideal. And three, the surprising amount of versatility this garment offers!


Usually very relaxed around the middle and arms, this coat does a wonder for your legs, making them appear skinny and fabulous! This is the perfect time for you to show off your great skinny jeans and ankle boots!  If you’re maybe a little worried about the relaxed silhouette of the coat not flattering your figure, worry not! My solution is to always belt it! A belt gives an entirely different feel to your look and can be placed in several positions for maximum flattery.  I also love to dress up this simple coat by taking this chance to wear a chic pair of earrings to bring a beautiful focus to your face.


Just as any great piece of art or for that matter, any worthy coat at all, this fashionable piece won’t be found on the $29.99 rack. Invest, invest, invest! If you love the look and the way you feel in this coat, don’t be shy about spending upwards of $300-$400 on a great piece! In the Midwest, home of unpredictable weather, and frequent torturous winters, you will be sporting this coat from now until February or even March so it’s worth the pretty penny!

Burberry Prorsum

There are numerous different styles out there so do your research before making your investment! My recent addition to my coat family has an additional ribbed collar and cuffs which are removable, not to mention a belt if I choose to shape up one day! It was love at first sight and I’ve had no buyer’s remorse since.


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