Chic and Cozy in Copenhagen


While the colorful buildings are vibrant and breathtaking, the people just as beautiful, and the excitement just as present, the cool temperature in Copenhagen, Denmark remains just as chilly as Sweden.

Wishing at this point in my trip, as my throat is scratchy and sore, and my nose constantly runny, that I had packed my parka (luggage space be damned!), I decided to purchase a piece of one of the biggest trends this fall/winter.

I’m often asked by people if there is a particular item of clothing they should purchase for their wardrobe during a season.  Well, let me tell you – the key piece to have in your closet right now is at least one fabulous oversized sweater!

Oversized sweaters are genius.  They combine both a chic appeal without the
appearance of trying to hard along with extreme comfort!  This is truly an item anyone and everyone should own and can wear multiple ways.

Everywhere I looked around Europe, oversized sweaters were there. So, from one of my favorite stores, I picked up a beautiful oatmeal colored, horizontal striped, cable-knit sweater. I absolutely love cable-knit sweaters and whether they are oversized or not, feel they should be one of the top ten items every woman needs to own.

My new sweater!

Although, cable-knit can be difficult to wear at times, there are ways to get around your woven obstacles…it just might take some time and a little trial and error.  Some of you may be thinking that cable-knit doesn’t go well on a heftier woman. With a thick weave, a sweater may only make one’s appearance larger.  That’s why you need to find a cable-knit sweater with just the right amount of heft in it’s’ weight.

For any sweater, fiber content can play a big part in how a sweater fits you, depending on how much wool vs. mohair vs. polyester vs. cotton there is in a sweater.  Just as important as the content of the sweater, the cut can make or break a sale.  It’s very important to find a cut that doesn’t cut you short, but also one that doesn’t make you appear invisible as it gives you no shape and falls to your knees!  The shape also plays a big role and believe it or not, oversized sweaters are not all frumpy! A sweater with a bit of a flared bottom (think similar to flare or boot-cut jeans) can give a rather boyish-shaped body a nice curve.  It can also help minimize the appearance of your unwanted middle section.

Don’t forget about your neckline! Wearing a particular neckline has the ability to change a look completely. Personally, I’m a huge fan of boatneck necklines along with cowl and large turtlenecks. If you have fabulous collarbone definition, show it off with a boatneck!  To give off a sense that you’re cozy and comfortable, wear a turtleneck.  And for a bit more style, try a cowl neck which drapes down your front to give you a longer neck illusion.

Just as maxi skirts and dress have made a major comeback in the past few years, I truly believe that floor-length sweaters are on their way back as well.  It might be a lot of sweater to take on but with the right amount of confidence and perfect pair of booties, this look can fit any size girl! For a hint of inspiration, pop in an old Friends DVD and take notice how Rachel and Monica wear them well. Check out my favorite maxi sweater below by Free People.

Free People

Free People

As always, no one sweater will fit every woman perfectly, so trial and error is key to finding the right fit for you. Remember to have fun with the added fashion flairs of faux fur trimmings and sequined sweaters this season and as a last minute tip, wear your new oversized sweater with your straight legged or skinny pants for a slimming look! After one more stop in London, I will see you stateside!


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  1. Soo, the very first picture at the top with the girl on the left… I LOVE that sweater. Where did she get that from? Is there a place that has those similar??

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