Common Threads

The leaves are beginning to change, the corn starting to be harvested, and the temperature dropping quickly whether we want it to or not.

I find that I love this time of year and hate it all at the same time.  While I get to pull out my cozy sweaters, opaque tights, and tall boots, I also have to throw my
additional wool blanket on my bed and wear gloves while taking my evening jog.

However, the one accessory I am always pleased to bring back out of its’ storage container are my beloved scarves and pashminas that have been hidden away for months, unloved and lonely.  Admittedly, I own 20 scarves. Yes, yes, I actually counted them just as I counted my mother’s jeans when clearing out her closet months ago and am happy to say my scarf count has not met or exceeded the number of denim she owns.

Just like handbags and coats, I feel as though I can never have too many scarves; each one being special in their own way with a place in my heart and wardrobe. Scarves are one of the most inexpensive items out there that can instantly make your “thrown-together” look, look put-together.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing sweatpants (which I firmly believe should never be worn in public) or a dress, a nice scarf will add a touch of class to any outfit.

Jessica Alba - a scarf supporter

One of the things I absolutely love about scarves is how different each one can be, just like the customers who walk in my store.  From the 20 year old to the 85 year old, scarves are the first items to sell out of our store, sometimes within just 48 hours after being put on the floor! This is because scarves are the common
ground between consumers and fashion; not shoes, not shirts, not even handbags…but scarves.

There are heavy weight scarves for cooler temperatures, lighter weight ones for the outfits that don’t need the added warmth but only the added style (also for those of you who might be experiencing hot flashes and are realizing that layers are key) and there are the scarves which are simply for fun, adding a smile to your face just by looking at it.

I feel as though there are 3 scarves every woman should own.  A black and/or white scarf for dressier occasions, a paisley pashmina for everyday affairs, and a doughnut scarf for warmth. Pashmina scarves are different from others due to the fine cashmere wool normally used within the fibers that make up the scarf. Prices can range everywhere from $5.00 to $300.00 for a pashmina, but it is not
necessary to shell out big bucks for a nice pashmina.  They are easily found in very good conditions anywhere around $10.00-$30.00.  A doughnut scarf refers to the never ending shape, also known as an infinity scarf, not because there are pictures of tiny doughnuts all over the scarf or that they taste good (I do not suggest trying to eat one).

Doughnut Scarf

Doughnut scarf worn as a hood

This season fur is a popular trend but if you’re not committed to an all out fur lined jacket, a scarf is the perfect way for adding just the right amount of this trend into your look.  Remember, there are several ways to tie your scarves to experiment with a new method.  I suggest to Google ways to dress your scarves for some inspiration and as always, observe your surroundings and take the free ideas people are wearing on the streets. Whatever you do, it’s time to throw on your favorite scarf with any and every outfit!

Faux Fur Scarf


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    • Hi Fay,

      This was an older post. I haven’t seen as many faux fur scarves out lately seeing as the trend is going elsewhere; however, I bought mine a few years ago from Vera Wang. I do remember seeing many more big box stores such as Gap, Banana Republic, and department stores having them as well. Thanks for your interest! I still have mine and love it!

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