Loving Lucy

When I was young and had the unfortunate luck of numerous ear infections along with the occasional upset stomach, my loving and kind-hearted mother always knew just what to do.  She would give me a hug, take me into the living room at 3:00 a.m. or whenever my earaches would flare up, and automatically distract me by taking my attention away from my throbbing ear and on the always hilarious and ultimately classic re-runs of I Love Lucy. There wasn’t an episode aired where the shenanigans that Lucy and Ethel would get into, couldn’t make me laugh and cure my throbbing thoughts.

While the memory of multiple ear infections isn’t one of my favorites, the late nights staying up with my mom (who inevitably fell immediately back to sleep on the couch once I wasn’t crying in pain any longer) watching “I Love Lucy” is.

Aside from the hilarious faces that Lucille Ball constantly wore so well in each episode and Ricky’s singing, “Babalou,” I love “I Love Lucy” for the gorgeous dresses and put together suits the characters wore.

Whatever happened to women wearing dresses during the day with their hair and makeup done, sporting some of their best jewelry, only to run uptown for a few errands?  I’m all for women’s rights and equality in the workplace but sometimes I feel we women have become too comfortable in our daily pants and don’t bother to do our hair anymore because we either don’t care or have become too busy elsewhere to focus on beautifying ourselves and appearing presentable.

We began to see flashes of the 1930’s and 40’s dress come back last year when Kate Middleton popularized wearing hats again and now we have television shows like Mad Men spreading the tailored and refined clothing trend even allowing companies such as Gap Inc.’s Banana Republic to develop its’ own limited edition “Mad Men” lines for men and women which hit record sales when it was released online.

Banana Republic's Mad Men Collection

I’m happy to say that midi and maxi length skirts and dresses are remaining on the front lines for fall for must-have pieces in your closet and that the idea of showing less skin and more wearing the appropriate clothing for your body type is becoming more attractive again. One of my favorite looks for this fall are statements coats, especially floor length ones, and fur accessories.  Everything from fur collars, bags, and boots are in but if you’re not all about being dressed within every inch of it, choose just a small piece such as a gorgeous fur scarf which lets you control when and how much fur you want to wear. Let’sbring back the glamour of dressing!

Women say that chivalry is dead and while that statement has some truth to it, I can’t blame only the men for the reason it has faded in the wind. We women have demanded more throughout the years and in turn have allowed our looks and idea of proper appearance to change and diminish as well.  I feel that it is about time that we take the first step in regaining the power of dress as icons like Jackie-O and Lucille Ball knew so well and maybe we’ll not only see a change in the chivalrous acts of men but also in ourselves.

Grandma Faith and Grandpa Jack in 1947

As I am pleased to have a grandfather who still opens thecar door for my grandmother and any other lady present, it’s time that take a lesson from the ladies in the past whom we love so well and make a change in the way we perceive ourselves and our dress today. And if you’re every feeling confused, blue, or simply in the need of a good laugh, pop in and old “I Love Lucy”  episode and your fashion inspiration and mood will be turned around as quickly as Lucy can stuff chocolate candies in her blouse!


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