Fall Must-haves!

Whether or not you’re ready for it, fall is almosthere!  Even though the fashion world is alreadydesigning spring and fall 2012, let’s pause to look at a few of fall 2011’sbest in show!  Here is a look at my top 5must have’s for this fall…

1. The T-shirt dress – It’s comfortable and simplistic, yetchic and can be worn a hundred different ways! My favorites are currently a classic thin-striped French inspired style,but oversized denim shirt dresses are a very close second.  Make sure it doesn’t hug you too tight.  You don’t want the dress to cling to you butinstead, skim your body. A heftier material hides those bumps and bulge youmight want to hide.  For some waistdefinition, add my favorite accessory, the belt (I’m in love with leather, braided ones) and for some edge, pile on the layered necklaces.

Express.com - $50!

2. Ski pants – slim, tapered, and amazing!  Remember Ponte-knit pants from last year?Well, they’re not going anywhere for this year either! If you still don’t knowabout Ponte pants it’s time to listen up and go make your first purchase.  I wasn’t surprised as to how many storescarried Ponte-pants last year, however, I was surprised to hear how many salespeople had no idea what they were when I asked where I could find their selection! Ponte-knit is a soft double knit, usually with a small percentage of spandex in them to allow for ease of movement. They can appear like a normal legging but are much thicker (like a pant) than a legging would be.  Purchase a pair and you’ll never want to leave them again.


3.  East/West Sweaters– these sweaters are known as East/West sweaters because they spread wider thanthe average sweater instead of longer.  Ilove these because they are uber comfortable and any girl from a size 2-16 canpull them off!  I like ones withgeometrical patterns or simplistic stripes best.  Pair it with pressed wide legged trousers andwedges and you’ll be the best looking one around.

Urban Outfitters Edie Sweater - $49

4. A Posh Parka – there is no need to look as though you’re wearing a potato sack just because it’s cold out.  Try purchasing a fall/winter jacket with some minute detail like a fish tail back, quilted liner, or asymmetrical zipper.  I know it’s easy to find a hundred different kinds of coats at department stores, but I love looking in little boutiques for items that you can’t find everywhere else. Boutiques usually carry merchandise that are unique and have a little flair to them.

Vivenne Westwood Anglomania Wrap Coat

5. Native American Accents – on anything and everything! From shirts to dresses, belts and bags!  It offers an eclectic vibe that you don’t normally see with its bright colors and distinctive patterns and I’m excited to see it make a statement on its way back into the fashion scene this season.  I recently purchased this beautiful weekender bag and love how it is different from what everyone else is carrying in the airport!

Pendleton Weekender Bag


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