Va Va Voom!

In the first Sex and the City movie, there is a scene where Carrie Bradshaw is bidding her beloved New York City apartment adieu to move in with, the love of her life, Mr. Big.  As endearing as that moment was on-screen, the scene remains with me for another reason – her fabulous dress of course!  The dress is gorgeous not only for its burgundy wine coloring and low, draped back, but for the ingenious way wardrobe stylist, Patricia Field, dressed Sarah Jessica Parker in it – with classic, tasteful pumps and a clearly visible black, lace bra showing in the back where the dress bares skin.  Let the trend of showing your lingerie begin!

I’ve been noticing the trend for a while now, but it was while in New York City, the fashion capital of the United States, last week that my attention soared as I spotted women’s personal underwear being shown everywhere!  Even yesterday in Michigan City and today in Chicago, every other woman I spotted on the street was wearing a more revealing top; however, in these last few weeks of heat, I can’t blame anyone for wanting to wear anything but the bare minimum.   I’m not referring to full-blown shows of bra and panties only, but instead, a subdued version of a sheer fabric in a shirt or sweater over a bra.  In the past or even still now, people usually pair shirts you can somewhat see through with a solid cami underneath.  While that is still very much acceptable and in style, showing a little extra skin is a new way to step up your look and add a little va va voom!

The topic doesn’t even stop at peering under garments through sheer fabric!  Bra straps showing outside of your tank top’s lines and dresses are now acceptable.  Forget the old days of having to wear uncomfortable strapless bras to hold up with the girls just because your dress is a racer back or has spaghetti straps instead of 1” thick straps to hide your bra!  The color of the bra doesn’t even have to match necessarily anymore!  It’s as though all of the rules have been tossed out the window and we’re becoming rebellious again like the 90’s grunge, only this time, instead of covering up more with flannel shirts and denim vests we’re showing more by wearing less!

I began discussing this topic with a couple of my parent’s friends last Saturday at the weekly car show in town.  We started chatting on how this trend could be age appropriate or if there is a certain age limit at all.  Where do you draw the line?  How far is too far?  While they both thought there should definitely be an age limit on wearing clothing that showed your bra, I agreed, but also brought up the example of shows such as Sex and the City, a show that has literally changed the way women dress and how they perceive topics like age, men, and single-hood!  Also, what about the idea of women such as Demi Moore, Kim Cattrall, and Madonna, who have kept their bodies in exquisite shape throughout the years and definitely have the toned body of a much younger woman.  Overall, there are always going to be exceptions to the rule – and this goes more for fashion than anything else!

While I am a fan of the trend and support the more risqué style, there are certain ways to wear it to appear more classy instead of trashy…

1.      When wearing the sheer trend, never, ever, ever choose skin-tight clothing.  These tops are meant to be worn loose and flow.

2.      When wearing a sheer blouse made of chiffon, I find it best to choose one in a dark color or one with a busy print on it such as floral.  The appearance of your bra is then, less noticeable, but still present.  There is no need to give a full show!

3.      Keep the risqué piece to just one!  Pair your sheer top with a full skirt or bold pants to even out the look.  It’s also a good idea to choose a top with a higher neckline to not give away the whole kit and caboodle!

4.      If you’re choosing a thin silk or polyester fabric top, I often sport a black bra underneath my cream equipment shirt.  The thicker material is much harder to see through, even with a lighter shade, but just enough to offer you that sense of dare.

I always find it better to keep your hair clean and make-up light and presentable when wearing a racier outfit. It offers a more “put-together” look, and less like one that would be leaving an inappropriate club at wee hours in the morning.  So, what are your thoughts on sheer tops, bra visibility, and age appropriateness for the trend?


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