Fashion Flight Hazards

This past week I was in and out of airports everywhere from Chicago O’hare to Philadelphia to New York LaGuardia.  As I always arrive at airports with plenty of time to spare, I did what I do best, people watch.  On my last flight to London I rarely saw anything but sloppy pajama pants and bad hair. Well, this week, I am pleased to report that I spotted zero pajama wearing civilians, minus the bus ride to the airport where a woman was sporting what I can only imagine to be an entire closet of no-no’s!

It is times like these, I wish I was accompanied by Stacey and Clinton on TLC’s popular show, What Not to Wear, taking the ill dressed on a shopping spree to open their eyes to actual current and fashionable clothing while showing them how to dress for their body type.

But skipping back to the good, bad, and ugly of airport dressing, I always like to start and finish on a positive note, sticking the negative (or need-to-be corrected) in the middle.

What I loved seeing as hundreds of people walked past me to their designated gates, were women (myself included) wearing wedges and fashion sandals.  Rarely did I spot grimy flipflops or hear the sweat squeaking Crocs around me.  I also witnessed stylish suiting and quite a few slim cropped trousers.

Chalk it up to a vast improvement from my last trip; however, just as I’m thinking people have performed a style 180 on me, I slowly begin to spot some giant fashion faux pas. So, to fill you in on what you should absolutely not be sporting (not just in airports but anywhere and everywhere) is as follows…

1.    Frizzy hair – it had its days in the 80’s and has since said goodbye.  Allow one of the millions of hair products available help tame your lion’s mane.  One of frizz serum’s best friends is the hair straightner.  This handy tool takes your rough tresses and turns them into sleek, attractive strands in just a couple of minutes giving you a better frame for your face and making you appear all around slimmer.  While many of you probably own these things already and would find this information as common sense, there are apparently those who are out of the loop and need to be taught.

2.    Fanny packs – really?  Unless you are a young and trendy 20-something wearing a waist pouch similar to Carrie Bradshaw’s, the old and unflattering stomach bloater packs, referred to as fanny packs, need to belocked up and marked in the record books for ridiculous wear!

3.    Oversized clothing – I’m not sure what the appeal is here. Some say it’s all about comfort, but I cannot imagine being comfortable wearing clothing that hangs like a potato sack, makes me appear sloppy and unprofessional, and gives off the appearance of a bigger me.  However, too tight of clothing has the same unattractive reaction. Know your true size. Enough said.

I have to say that overall, the good did outweigh the bad this time.  I saw pretty dresses from maxi to simple sundresses along with accessories to boot from straw fedoras to bold necklaces!  The item that I was most proud to see already being worn goes to the classic pashmina and scarves!  There are thousands of different kinds out there to choose from and can be worn numerous ways!  So remember the list of don’ts as you make your next trip and the fashionable do’s to step up your look!


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