Let’s Hear It for the Boys!

Being involved in the world of fashion I have, of course, developed designer idols that I love, respect, and drool over their every collection.  Furthermore, I love seeing all celebrities way of dress, whether it be credited to a professional stylist or their very own unique tastes, from the wild Lady GaGa get-ups to Kate Moss’s beautifully brilliant compilations of simplicity.

A stylish, Diane Keaton

Over the years, I’ve greatly admired one woman for her style among a long list of other things – Diane Keaton.  On screen, Diane Keaton has me numerous ab workouts due to her character roles, impeccable comedic timing, and vulnerable humility.  Just as many of her characters she plays are strong women with a smart mind, Keaton portrays the same woman in her day to day life.

One of my favorite things about Diane Keaton is her sense of style.  She is fearless and refuses to give into the 7” Hollywood heels and skin tight dresses.  She models how feels – strong, confident, and powerful.  Commonly known for sporting menswear inspired looks on the red carpet, she held her head high, defending her turtlenecks and pant suits with pride.  Well, criticize no more, world!  With the menswear look back and better than ever, Diane Keaton (think of her Annie Hall days) should fit in perfectly, leading the way!

Diane Keaton in Annie Hall

It’s time for the ladies to not necessarily walk like a man or talk like a man, but to dress more like a man.  Cool and classic are back on the fashion front lines with structured pieces and strong looks.

Sarah Rutson

I find that the simplest piece to add into your closet (if it isn’t there already) is a fitted black blazer. Ladies, this is a staple garment that you will be wearing for years and never go out of style, so invest, invest, invest!  I have several and wear them constantly, seeing as they can be paired with anything and everything from ragged denim cutoffs to jeans to dresses.  For something new, try pairing it with a flirty skirt this fall.  If you like to be a bit more of a fashion risk-taker, choose a blazer with feather or fringe finishing along the tail.  Just remember to pair your more characteristic blazer with simple and clean pieces such as a white oxford and skinny jeans.

The key to menswear is structure.  Structured lines offer a masculine sense of feel and dominance.  With that being said, consider the cut of your structured pieces and take it to a more fashionable and feminine level.  For example, instead of a white blouse cut straight across the bottom, opt for one with a fishtail back. You can also choose dimensional fabrics such as beautiful tweed instead of a flat cotton/poly blend.  Within your menswear inspired pieces, trendy options of 60’s color-blocking and geometric patterns are popular options.

Emma Watson

As always, fashion is nothing without accessories so be sure to top off your look with a dominate hat and show stopper booties.  Thanks boys for inspiring us to dress even cooler but watch out! – the women have officially taken over!


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