Short Attire

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the second week of July and I feel as though we have had only a glimpse of spring followed by a short and almost non-existent summer.  What has happened to our months of comfortable weather suited for days of dresses and layered looks?

Let’s face it, these past few weeks of hot temperatures mixed with unbearable humidity makes the thought of wearing anything but the bare minimum dreadful.  The only things I have wanted to wear lately are cotton shorts and cotton tank tops because they are breathable, comfortable, lightweight, and moisture wicking friendly!  The thought of synthetic fibers touching my skin has the same appeal to me as jumping into a burning fire!

While wearing  your easy going shorts and tank tops during the day is great, problems can arise when the heat refuses to decease and you have an evening function to attend that requires a bit dressier attire than cut-offs and a racerback.

Well, you can think again about changing out of your beloved shorts for a heavier, most likely polyester, dress.  Instead, simply re-think the pieces of clothing you’re wearing your shorts with.

My first suggestion would be to exchange any frayed bottom shorts out for tailored ones but even that is not necessary to make a positive change for an evening outfit.  Once you have your shorts picked out, picking out the proper heel to pair with it is the next move. Heels at any height instantly lengthen your legs and step up your entire look seconds after slipping them on.  My personal favorites are Mary-Jane pumps with a rounded toe or elegant black slingbacks.


After choosing your appropriate shoe, return the focus to your shorts before you take the next step.  Depending on what shorts you have chosen to wear will help decide how to dress them up accordingly. Bright colored shorts are everywhere this season and if you choose to wear a pair of bold red shorts, I suggest pairing it with a silk, sleeveless, top, preferably in black and one with a ruching or decorative beading to add a bit of femininity.

Patterned shorts are always fun for summer and if they are your choice for the night make sure that the top you choose to pair it with is simple and understated. The shorts make enough of a statement that you want to let them speak for themselves.  A crisply ironed button down in a soft hue offers a relaxed and comfortable feel while giving showcasing a fun and flirty look. Pair your off-beat shorts with a structured clutch to bring in a hint of glamour and throw off the preppy feel.

If you’ve decided that you simply cannot part with your cutoffs for the evening, bring the elegance to them.  Lace is about as elegant as it comes next to diamonds. Pair a clean lace top with your cutoffs and add a well fitted blazer over it for an exquisite, put-together outfit.  Add a pair of drop pearl or diamond earrings in the mix to step it up even further and bring a sense of formality.

Lauren Conrad

Besides jewelry, makeup is the final step in pulling a look together.  Throw on a bold red lip or wear a smokey eye to take your look from daytime casual to night time fun! No matter which pairing you choose, you’ll end up being one of the best dressed ones there! Not to mention, most comfortable, as well – but nobody needs to know that! Let everyone think you put in much more effort than you really did!


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