Pop quiz: What do Julia Roberts, Minnie Mouse, Cruela DeVille, ad Lucille Ball all have in common?  Some might automatically link them back to humor and comedy or perhaps the fact that they are all well known female figures within the entertainment circle.  While all of these traits are true, these women (and mouse, respectively) all share another similarity, not only with each other, but with much of the rest of the world as well…the ultra classic appeal and love of polka-dots!
Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, Minnie Mouse sporting her everyday look, Cruella DeVille with her evil obsession over dalmatian spots to set a new trend, and Lucille Ball, who could fashion a polka-dot dress and head scarf better than any other.

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

So what is it about these simply placed dots that blazed like wildfire decades ago and still today, never goes out of style?  Simply put – polka-dots can be worn by anyone, anywhere, at any occasion.  These lovely dots have no standards or pre-requisites for who dons them.  The don’t judge on height, weight, or hair color.  They remain friends of all.  Of course, like most other things in this world, certain styles of polka-dots will be better suited for certain individuals and size placement and color are key to ensuring that the right polka-dot is attending the proper occasion.  You wouldn’t want to see those “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weeny Yellow Polka-dot Bikini” spots on a dress for an evening dinner affair.  And although these kind dots don’t discriminate, certain sized dots mesh better with certain people.
Tip: A full figure body does best with polka-dots when the dots remain smaller in size and neutral color.  Also, you;ll benefit more greatly with your ensemble if you break up the look instead of wearing head-to-toe dot.  When you break up the amount of polka-dot, you can then explore more in terms of colors and loudness of pattern.
After the industrial revolution and the invention of textile printing, polka-sots were originally name after the polka dance because they were meant to be fun, flirty, and expressive. With that being said, make sure you have fun with your polka-dot attire in 2011 and sport them in a different form than before.  I personally love the look of sheer fabrics covered with petite dots or a fabulous pair of spotted tights!
If you need inspiration, my favorite thing to do is search back in history at some of the most renowned celebrities from the 1940’s-1960’s in their polka wear from actors Marilyn Monroe to  Van Johnson.  Or for a more youthful and contemporary feel, check out Emma Stone on this month’s cover of my favorite magazine, Elle. However you get inspired, make sure a little bit of these classic dots are in your wardrobe this summer!


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