Trim Trousers

For most, finding a good fitting pant can sometimes be the hardest thing in the world to do.  You have to find a pair that suits your body type whether that is an hourglass figure, apple, dewdrop, of flute shape.  Then, there are also the added factors of finding the right length in a pant (even after it has been washed and dried), the type of wash the pant has (dark, light, medium, tinted), and finally the overall cut and trend of the season (flare, straight, cropped, boyfriend, skinny, etc.)!

 With all of these things to think about, it can be exhausting shopping for a pair of pants even before you leave the house!  I understand these dilemmas just as much as the next person.  My trouble lies in finding pants in which encompass my non-existent while flattering my apple shaped body.

While I know wide-legged trousers are not my best friend, I do know that slim fitting, cropped pants work best for me.  Lucky for me, trim trousers are coming back fast and better than ever.  These ultra chic, Audrey Hepburn classics, sometimes referred to as “cigarette pants” for their slim legged figure, have a boyish energy to them and flirty, ankle-revealing length that lets you have the best of both worlds.  I truly love how you can sport multiple looks with these fabulous pants by wearing anything from Sperry’s to flats, wedges, heels, or flip flops!

Like any other search, finding the perfect pair of these pants can take some time so be patient and be sure to stretch your search over numerous retailers seeing as each brand makes their cut just a little different than the last.  Since these chic trousers can be worn anywhere and everywhere, remember that a pair with added cuffs instantly makes them office-friendly and when going for a more relaxed look, pairing with a loose blouse helps to balance the shrunken look these pants exude.

In terms of the type of wash and fabric to choose, my favorite remains a cotton/silk blend which incorporates the comfort and ease of movement of cotton with the clean, sophisticated sheen of silk.  I also prefer ones with a crisp, trouser crease down the middle of the legs.  For a more fun, spunky, retro version, opt for a pair with a tuxedo stripe down the side seams.

Colors are the height of this seasons pant trend so there are no limits in terms of the hue you choose.  Neon brights are fun and bold and a basic pants such as these allows you to go a bit more wild up top in terms of patterns  and fit while classic colors like navy, camel, and black will never be out of style and can most likely already be worn with half or your closet.


Just be sure to include a bit of summer 2011 flair by adding fun accessories such as a tasseled belt, silk head scarf, or fun fedora.  And most importantly, since these fabulous pants are ankle friendly, be sure to show off a pair of equally fabulous shoes with them.


Speechless: Stella McCartney – Resort 2012

They’ve done it again. My favorite designers who create such a breath-taking array of runway looks that leave me speechless (and always in a good way)…go ahead, try not to become obsessed.

I feel as though, Stella and I could be great friends if we ever met in person.  She never lets me down with each collection and every piece is refreshing, yet practical.  While I look forward to the outlandish creations from designers such as Sarah Burton, it’s nice to see a collection that you would (and could) actually wear out and about on the street! I love every piece from this collection from the bow shoes (which I can’t wait to have in my closet) to the herringbone pants and Hawaiian shirts. I once again, bow down to Stella~

Love these shoes!