One Hue at a Time!

Something just doesn’t seem to add up.  I just returned from London, a city known for its rain filled, overcast days, where I actually had beautiful weather all week, to Chicago, where I found it to be cold and drizzly!  Well, forget the dreary weather outside and start to think of all your favorite spring things! From round retro shades and polka-dot espadrilles, to straw boater-hats and nautical stripes galore!  Afternoons spent strolling along the pier of Lake Michigan or bike rides down county roads are soon to come!  There sure is something beautifully nostalgic about Midwest summers and dressing for the season only makes the days better!

This season is filled with a large spectrum of 60’s and 70’s neon brights, an endless array of pattern and print, and textures that only boggle the mind in their ingeniousness.  But if all of these loud options not only cause you confusion but give you a screeching headache as well, fear not, for there is a style for the season out there for you! Enter – monochromatic looks! 


Monochromatic looks are all about taking one color and wearing it head-to-toe!  As a favored minimalist, I love the idea and wardrobe challenge of putting together an entire outfit in the same hue! Picture top-to-bottom camel, red on red, grays, greens, and blues paired with none of their other color wheel friends except themselves.  No, just because your entire look is the same color does not mean that it is going to be boring.  I look at it as sophisticated minimalism and an opportunity to show off a great piece whether it be a pair lace up espadrilles, frame leather bag, or feathered jewelry. 

Courtesy of

The key to pulling off a monochromatic look is making sure the pieces of your wardrobe are all the same shade (or close compliments) and in my personal opinion, look best when they are tailored properly to fit your shape.  For example, if you are an hour glass figure with a wider hip area, you might want to opt out of wearing the slim, crop, silk-cotton trousers, and lean more towards the wide-leg or flare option to balance you out.  If the color you are choosing to wear that day happens to be white, choose one of your white pieces, such as your skirt, to have a texture to it or small print, like polka-dots (as long as the majority of the item is white)!  And don’t forget about my favorite piece – the belt! Belts can bring an entire look together and make it more polished. Throw one on with your high-waisted harem pants or over your shirtdress to complete your ensemble.  Color matching accessories such as watches, bangles, and earrings can help add some fun to your outfit as well.  If you’re dressing all over evergreen, throw on a pair of peacock earrings to spice it up!

From Greece's, Madame Figaro

With so many colors to choose from this spring and summer, you will find it hard to get bored and difficult to run out of options.  This is a season where almost anything goes, so take that risk – wear the shade you may not have thought you could pull off before and step outside in those shoes you may have only seen in British Vogue! These next few months should be about having fun with your dress and living with no regrets!


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