London Holiday: Day 5

Oy  vey!  our feet were killing us after all the walking and dancing last night at Fabric – but no time to waste! Threw the hair up and we left the flat to go to Spitalfields market off Liverpool St. tube stop.  Construction (or planning and engineering as Smoker would correct me) was going on this weekend so its been a bit of a pain to get around via tube.  Once we got off at Liverpool St. we took a little detour down a couple of side streets selling cheap, cheap, cheap clothing from places like TopShop, Atmosphere, etc.  There are always some cute things to try on – but the problem remains in finding and mirror to see yourself! Even if the vendor does have a mirror, I am horrible at making cut throat decisions in terms of purchasing clothing, and with buying it via a market vendor, I am left without the option of return – and I really dislike to waste money on things…

We made our way over to Spitalfields and the girls loved it as I was hoping they would.  This market offers more of a personal touch, seeing as many vendors are selling their own creations or lines.  You can also find sometimes vendors selling great vintage pieces like Lanvin bags, Burberry coats, or simple old leather handbags from Paris in the 1940’s. Beautiful stuff!  There are so many interesting things to see at Spitalfields, you could easily spend the entire day wandering around, talking to designers and vendors about their collections and creations.  Katie left us to go meet her old house-brother from Morocco who is now living and studying in London.  While she was gone, Smoker, Meg, and I decided to grab a bite to eat at the corner cafe in the market.  Surrounding Spitalfields market are tons of little restaurants and shops so there is never a lack of food for the shoppers.  After lunch we decided to walk in some of the shops, and since I’m a huge fan of dolling yourself up (and for free!) and experimenting with new things, I suggested we go into the Benefit store and play with makeup since our faces did look a little sad from the night before.  I became a “Betty” for a day after putting on the reddest lipstick I could find (which just so happened to be called, “Betty”) and played with some new eyeliner, which I actually fell in love with!  The hue of my rep lips and the top-heavy eyeliner winged out at the corners, I felt a bit like Dita Von Teese – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all!  I even got Smoker to put on a lipstick. She chose a lighter pinkish toned red and it looked great on her, really making her face pop!  Smoker happens to be an extremely pale-skinned individual, so color choice is a bit more tricky at times.  She looked great after her makeover though!  Meg, who happens to have a HUGE Benefit obsession, was the only one who actually walked out of the store with a bag in hand.  I got her to try on a lipstick which she rocked and therefore purchased her first tube 🙂 along with a couple other items as well.

The girls became tired so they left me at Spitalfields to wander around some more.  I wanted to wait for Katie to get back so she could see more of the market before it closed and we couldn’t come back since she would go back to Paris tomorrow.  While waiting I went into a few more stores and found a cute Pretty City London weekend bag I wanted, but stupidly, did not purchase because I’m always money conscious.  I don’t usually regret not buying things but there have been a few times I could kick myself for not just spending the money!  This is one of them.  After Katie got back, I found out she ended up not eating while with her host brother and was starving considering we hadn’t eaten all day and it was no about 4 p.m. so we popped into a pie shop where she scarfed down on a jerk chicken pie which looked delicious!  We explored the market a bit more before stopping in a little shop in the back where Katie found some cute things for herself and her grandparents back in Indiana.  I found a perfect card for Brendan’s upcoming birthday but really wanted Smoker’s opinion so I decided we would come back the next day for just a minute so I could buy it.

Pretty City Weekender Bag

With the market closing down we traveled back to the flat where we picked up Smoker and went back south towards the Thames to Gordan’s Wine Bar.  I had told the girls how great of a place it was so they really wanted to go.  Trust me, I had no problem going back!  Sadly, we got there a bit later than we wanted and while we were still able to drink our bottles of wine, we could not accompany it with some tasty bread and cheese as they were fresh out! Oh well, the drinking must go on! 

“Chubby bunny” – A scene from one of Smoker’s and my favorite movies, Just Friends.

We vote "Yes" to Gordan's Wine Bar!

I only get to see my cousin, Katie, every few years when her family flies up from Texas for the holidays and since she’s a fresh 21’er, turning the precious age this past January, this was the first time that I got to enjoy a drink with her!  She’s an incredibly responsible young lady who has the world at her fingertips, so no…she didn’t become belligerent. Tipsy? – YES!  Tonight has been my favorite time ever with Katie! We got to talk about so many things never brought up before and laugh at each other’s stupidity and “Heath” moments.  But mind the drunkenness, if you were to rate Katie on a scale of 1-10…this girl is a 12!  She is remarkably beautiful, brilliant, charitable, and can speak fluent French! Seriously, what can this woman not do?! I might be a little bit jealous of her perfection.

Gordan’s was closing up so Katie and I finished our bottle of red and Smoker left the wine bar with hers half full, and in hand.  As we were walking back towards the tube station we stopped to take a few funny pictures, as per usual, and decided to take a video as well.  This became the best part of our night…day…maybe even trip!  Smoker was to be the recorder while Katie and I said hello to her parents and demonstrated the outside men’s urinal (don’t ask why…).  Well, as Katie continued to keep walking, Smoker turned to follow her with the camera and tripped over a cement block heading straight for the ground!  Katie and I were shocked/worried/cracking up…and the first words out of Smoker’s mouth would be, “Did I crack my wine bottle? That’s all I care about!”  We spent the next few minutes on the ground, laughing so hard we literally could not speak…all while the video is still going.  I would post it for all of you to get a laugh however, I think this video is something for Katie, Smoker, and my eyes only. Sorry!

The phone booths smell horrible.

 Katie still wanted to get a London patch for her backpack, so we caught the tube and headed to souvenir central – Piccadilly!  We went into the largest shop I knew of and let Katie loose! 30 minutes later…we walked out. Caught the tube home, figured out the buses Katie would have to take in a few hours to get to King’s Cross station where she would then get to Luton Airport.  I gave her the best directions I knew, hugged her goodbye, and we all went to sleep!  Poor Katie got about 2 hours rest before walking to the bus station around 3:30 a.m. and apparently had quite an adventure actually getting to King’s Cross. I haven’t heard the story yet but as long as she returned safe and soundly back in Paris, I’m OK.  Not looking forward to tomorrow being my last full day in London before returning back to the states…

Last night with Katie in London!


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