Svensk Kärlek

This past June when I traveled back to London by myself for about a month, I stayed at a hostel off Edgeware Road and made some of the best friends a girl could ask for.  Almost a year later, we still stay in contact weekly and constantly talk about reunions.  One of these friends of mine, Joel, is Swedish and the biggest sweetheart anyone could ask for.  After skyping with him last week, he commented how much he loved reading my posts and only wish that I would do more. So for Joel, I have decided to dedicate a post to him and write about some of my favorite Swedish fashion designers.


The first designer, Björn Borg, is a man who first made his mark on the tennis courts as a professional player.  He was the number one tennis player in the world during the peak of his career.  Seen as one of the greatest players in the history of tennis, Borg was always well-known for his style and dress on court.  He was always good-looking with a head band accompanied by a wrist band on each arm.  Shockingly, in 1983, Borg announced he was retiring from the game at the extremely young age of 26!  After retirement and a nasty period of drug abuse and an overdose that was seen as attempted suicide, Björn bounced back and decided to create a fashion line.  The line which is best known for its fashionable yet quirky under garments also delves into bags, shoes, and perfume.  For me, the underwear is sexy, charismatic, and overall fun! There are many different styles while color and design are endless.

A young Bjorn Borg in 1974


Founded in 1999, Camilla Norrback started designing clothes for the international female.  She creates for a wide range of women.  The company’s philosophy is created from a large passion for different types of people, the environment, and politics.  Getting her inspiration from everyday findings such as film, art,  music, and social events, Norrback has designed collections that are strong, bold, and exude an independent confident vide.  In 2010, she also came out with a men’s line with the same core values and attributes. In 2005, as a commitment to never compromise neither the quality of design nor the quality of fabrics in her garments, she coined the phrase Ecoluxury. The wearer can feel both beautiful and proud. This is the modern luxury – Ecoluxury!

Loving all things that can help save the environment while empowering women through clothing, I love Camilla Norrback’s collections because they are far from cookie cutter fashion.

Camilla Norrback

The Designer herself, Camilla Norrback.

Looking into the ideas, inspirations, and creations of foreign designers only allows us to develop as humans in our ideas, inventions, and appreciation for others.  Another favorite of mine would be Anna Holtblad.

***A favorite of my dear friend, Joel’s is Tiger of Sweden. He knows best 🙂

Joel – miss you everyday.

To my Green Man Pub friends: Australia born Brendan, Jackie, and Cameron, and Paul, Latvian dude Rauls, American Jess, and Polish Paulina….I couldn’t have asked for a better summer. See you soon…Norwegia, NASA, and Church 🙂

Joel 🙂

Sitting outside Hyde Park/Marble Arch enjoying summer drinks


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