The Portland Collection

Come on fall! Pendleton’s Fall 2011 collection cannot come soon enough!

Working with Pendleton clothing everyday, it’s nice to see quality clothing still being produced and with the wool still woven in the United States!  Well…after 121 years in the business, Pendleton has decided to to enter the contemporary market and couldn’t do it better than their new ready-to-wear line for fall!

Pendleton, who is originally known for their Native American inspired blankets and plaid striped shirts (made famous by the Beach Boys), have taken those same themes and applied them to their new line, called Pendleton, The Portland Collection.

***As A Matter of Style:  The Beach Boys were originally named The Pendletones until Pendleton’s ceo at the time prohibited the name.

The lines, which is created by Pendleton’s in house team, collaborated with other Portland designers, Nathaniel Crissman, Rachel Turk (from well known brand Church and State), and John Blasioli.  Both the men and women collections will be paired with unisex accessories. Women’s wear includes cuffed shorts, oversize pullovers and trim day dresses, with cut-outs in the back, while the men’s pieces offer a similar sensibility with printed jacquard coats and cardigans, the requisite plaid shirt, slim wool trousers and skinny ties.

Browse. Enjoy. Love.

My favorite piece!

Stunning Accessories



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